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Mun Name: Lizard
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Other Characters: Makuta

Name: GIR
From: Invader Zim
Age: Physically about two, mentally god-knows-what.
Gender: Male (?)
Personality: Daft as a brush, and mad as a march hare in may. GIR basically acts like a puppy or small child on the ultimate of sugar highs. He does whatever the heck he wants, and what he wants often makes sense to him alone. However, he may infrequently switch to Duty Mode, a no-nonsense and competent alternate personality that will ruthlessly pursue its mission, come hell or high water.
Backstory: When the defective Irken trooper Zim enlisted to become an invader for his universal empire, despite being a walking apocalypse all his life, his glorious leaders decided to send him on a wild goose chase on the other end of the galaxy. However, all Irken invaders are entitled to a S.I.R unit, a small scout and servant robot to help them on their mission. When Zim came for his, the leaders hastily rooted around in the trash for spare parts, and the inside of their pockets for brain material, to make a robot for him. The result was GIR, a S.I.R unit that outdid its own master in terms of incompetence and insanity.
Zim went off on his 'mission', and for months he travelled through space, GIR singing the entire way. By complete chance, they eventually stumbled upon the planet Earth. Zim decided to set up shop, disguising himself and GIR as a boy and his dog. The two began their work, to gather information and undermine the planet for its eventual conquest. GIR did his fair share of helping and completely ruining Zim's evil plans. At one point, Zim tried to lock GIR into Duty Mode permanently. But GIR rebelled and very nearly killed his master before being turned back to normal. Funnily enough, he did a better job at fitting into human society than Zim ever did; going to clubs, enjoying cartoons, and making friends with a pig.
Moral Standing: Chaotic neutral, except when in Duty Mode
Dreams: GIR lives entirely in the moment, gathering junk food, brewing up strange snacks, and generally fooling around. However, Duty Mode GIR is fanatically loyal to the mission. But that's not to say GIR isn't overly fond of Zim or any of his own 'friends'.
Extras: He has a number of disguises, including a dog, a small boy, and a cat costume.
Writing Sample:
Link to Dear Mun thread
[And then he put the octopus on his head.]


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